Hi, I'm Emerson

About Me

Professionally, I work as a system administrator for TBX, creating and maintaining the build, automation, and hosting platforms that currently host over 110 WordPress sites. I also do some WordPress custom theme and plugin development.

Personally, I have a big interest in old, simple technologies, security, decentralization, and FOSS projects. Most of my "social media" time is spent on IRC, I'm a freenode staff member, but active on several other networks as well. I'm also a ham radio operator, W8ENV.

About this page

All of my stuff is scattered around the web, so this page is just a list of everywhere else that I am.

As a fun exercise, this is handwritten HTML and CSS, no JavaScript at all, so it works good in any browser, even text-only ones. It's open source, licensed freely under the CC-BY-4.0 license, and available over Tor and Gopher.

Projects I'm working on

Projects just starting out

Around the web

All of my work is scattered around the web, so here's links to it all:

Contact Me

Email is the easiest way for most people, hello@emersonveenstra.net. Otherwise, I'm emerson on freenode, emersonveenstra on Twitter and Telegram, and +1-616-730-1086 on Signal.